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Al-Tariq Factories for Cement Products is an ancient name that has its place and its appreciation in the Saudi market in the field of manufacturing and trading of cement products and it is one of our latest projects that was decided after a long feasibility study and it works with high production capacity and global experiences in producing ready-mixed concrete and cement and volcanic buildings of all sizes, types and forms and the production of insulated blocks (Insulation of heat and sound) in addition to the volcanic wire for the extensions which is characterized by high quality and light weight .. The factory also works on the production of concrete walls and barriers upon request, and the Al-Tariq factory for cement products produced by the Italian company (MCF) and works (PLC and SCADA) and it is one of the latest The advanced devices in the system of modern automatic factories and the latest German and Japanese equipment are shared in the work .. The Al-Tariq Factory owns a special transport fleet that guarantees him the speed of distribution and delivery in order to satisfy customers .. The factory works 24 hours a day to secure the required quantities .. In order to achieve success And development, we sought the help of God first and then highly qualified specialists of various nationalities who are distinguished by their great experience in In the field of manufacturing concrete and concrete products, the factory has obtained certificates of excellence after presenting our products to the most powerful laboratories to be examined and examined for its components and hardness and its ability to withstand the difficult and changing climatic climates from time to time .. The factory has various departments such as production management, distribution and sales management and follow-up and has several points of sale and accredited agents In various regions..One of our main concerns (product quality and customer satisfaction) and we always strive for excellence, development and competition, and our goal is to work on the latest advanced technology systems so that our products are always the best

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