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Social responsibility is who we are and investments are what we do. AIMS is a family-owned investment holding company operating in the following sectors: investment, real estate, industry, education, retail and hospitality.

As the changing tides of modern society rush to us, it is crucial to protect and nourish the cultural identity and values ​​that our ancestors engraved. It is a challenge that we can only overcome by maintaining a solid ethical foundation backed by a commitment to business ethics and flexibility to achieve excellence.

Since the establishment of the family business in 1933 (corresponding to 1353 AH), our founder, Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Subaie, has had a vision to provide exceptional value to clients, through a diversified portfolio of managed and owned investments.

Headquartered in Jeddah, AIMS offers a variety of social investment, entrepreneurship and innovative business ventures, embodying a spirit of integrity, transparency and mutual respect. In this way, it can achieve its vision successfully, develop its people and empower Saudi society.

Today, our business portfolio extends to all major cities within the Kingdom and employs the most qualified professionals in their fields of specialization.

AIMS is rooted in strong family values, as one of the leading family-owned conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is looking to make every project viable and every mission successful while maintaining a high level of integrity, respecting Islamic values ​​and achieving our investment goals

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