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We provide many services for more than 50 years in addition to our distinguished services through a series of huge commercial markets, as well as through our distinguished real estate and tourism hotel services.
The group opened a commercial office in the People's Republic of China in the Yiwu region.
Among our services are shipping, inspection, quality assurance, reception of commercial delegations at the airport, reservation at the hotel, provision of translators, and making a systematic plan for investors to visit industrial areas throughout China and a detailed map of specialized factories, and given our experiences in ensuring quality and warranty, and Inspection and collection of goods in a warehouse equipped with special capabilities, shipping and termination of legal procedures in accordance with the laws in the importing country, which makes the goods pass without delay in order to avoid customs fines and floor wages

We can represent the importer in purchasing goods that determine our specifications, quality, and type, such as goods with recognized characteristics and classifications that are determined by the importer in advance, and we guarantee him specifications, manufacture, and delivery of the shipment to the importing country

In the second case, samples can be received from the importer, and we guarantee their manufacture literally, and we provide the necessary guarantee even after receiving the quantity and reaching the importer, and this is what distinguishes us as a group interested in customer service, so you can deal with us in the Kingdom or China easily and conveniently, where we reduce your banking costs .

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