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Multiple sclerosis. Al-Ghamdi Company started its operations in 1970 by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghamdi and Sheikh Muhammad Al-Issa. We are one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dealing in sanitary fittings, fixtures and accessories. We enjoy a very good reputation among our customers and appreciate the after-sales service on a large scale.
We are the only and exclusive agents in the Kingdom for American Standard / Ideal Standard and Bobrik the world's most leading manufacturers of residential, commercial and institutional fixtures, fittings and accessories. The production ranges from the most elegant and luxurious stainless steel accessories, glass ceramic fittings, handsome acrylic / whirlpool bathtubs to a shared bathroom that is exquisitely handcrafted with a wide range of today's most demanding colors. Gentlemen American Standard Inc. The USA and Bobrick have a very practical approach while designing and manufacturing hospital fixtures, fittings and accessories that not only have the quality of bio-hygiene but are also easy to use by the handicapped and the sick.

المدينة الموقع الهواتف الخريطة
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