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Al Naeem Contracting Company Ltd. Since this company was founded in 1402 AH by the late Muhammad Naeem, its activity was then limited to renting, selling, and maintaining equipment, then after that his sons took over management and on their hands the company expanded its activity and became one of the largest and oldest contracting companies in Madinah and has a branch in Jeddah and its activity Includes the Medina and its provinces. Long experience in the field of contracting (more than 25 years) in addition to the qualified and trained workforce of engineers, administrators, monitors and workers numbering more than (1000) people and owning them and praise to a very large number of equipment and modern mechanisms and advanced devices making it one of the largest companies classified in good kindness thing that its people To have most of its activity with the government sector, which is the Municipality of Medina, some other sectors, and the Saudi Telecom Company, as well as the private sector. In addition to the activities mentioned above, Al-Naeem works in the following fields: - Renting and selling new and used heavy equipment and heavy transport within the cities of the Kingdom, where it has a fleet to transport heavy equipment, factories and ships, maintenance and rehabilitation of heavy and light equipment and metal turning. I am constantly striving to maintain the application of the principle Islamic, which will remain one of the main principles on which the company’s policy depends, whether in its commercial or financial transactions. We consider ourselves partners with all governmental and private service sectors, to drive the boom and continued economic development of our Kingdom, (Saudi Arabia). I and all sectors and employees of the company join hands to work in all honesty and sincerity to raise the level of the company and diversify its activities, and we are always striving to provide the best services to our customers, wherever they are.

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