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When David Speckman began working as a travel consultant in 1994, he did not expect his business to grow into a great success story, but he was sure his method was correct. David notes that expert consultants are the unsung heroes of travel, and their success has subsequently proven the truth and validity of this remark.

Travel consultants are now a dynamic and global travel company with 1,200 travel consultants with an average of 20 years of experience, working across six countries and a head office team of up to 200 employees in Bolton (UK).
Our clients benefit from the presence of their own advisor and the consultants are proud to know them personally to provide them with the highest possible levels of personal service and to provide all their travel needs with the smallest details.

This company may have grown into a large international company, but in reality it is still a family company, the spirit of friendship, affection, care and support for us is not "additional offers" but rather as heartbeats of our organization and we believe that this family spirit contributed mainly to our success and raised the level of care and attention We offer our clients, travel consultants, and employees.

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