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It was established in 2000 under the name of Arab Architecture. The company is registered in Cairo - Egypt. We provide customers with the best architectural, planning and decoration designs. Bringing together diverse groups of professionals from various fields interested in studying and working on built environment issues. We are developing new structural designs and technologies to improve the quality, safety and attractiveness of the buildings and settings in which we live, work and play. Our architectural scope is very wide. We often work with urban and interior designers, structural engineers, landscape engineers and other professions members to integrate their efforts into a holistic construction project. We consider the nature of our organization as a project organization. We distinguish projects by the number of employees required to perform the tasks, or workload, and the number of tasks that are fundamentally different in nature. Different specializations perform their own tasks. It is necessary to present the product development process as a process and not as a list of projects. There are three important consequences for this:

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