• Awdah Al Biladi And His Sons Contracting Co. Ltd.

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من نحن

The company is one of the most important companies in the contracting sector for roads in Madinah, it was established 40 years ago and is one of the companies classified by the Contractors Classification Agency and as it is a company specialized in the field of road contracting, bridges and buildings and has contributed significantly in building and developing the infrastructure in Madinah and the governorates The neighboring villages and linking the regions with highway networks for them as well as their development, and this is evident through the amount of projects entrusted to it in Medina and outside and the confidence of clients in it because of the perfection and commitment they have touched in implementing the projects entrusted to it, all thanks to God Almighty and then the good management responsible for the company and the engineering department The specialist is very efficient.

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