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Bamardouf Decoration Company has grown over the years into a significant enterprise with a 
network across the Kingdom with service points in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Dammam, Al-
Hassa, and Khamees Mushait.
Originally founded by Mr. Mohammed Oboud Bamardouf in 1968, the Bamardouf Decoration 
Company, known now as the BAMA Brand has become one of the most respected solution 
providers for Decoration and Interior Design. BAMA Décor’s commitment to quality service is 
unrelenting; ISO 9001:2015 certified. The Company provides a specialist’s service, design 
solutions and systems available today. Commitment and dedication have led us to successful 
growth and expansion of our products and services.
The experience we have gained means that we have the integrity to give advice which design, 
and execution is best suited to customers need and aspirations. At all times, it is BAMA’s 
intention to conduct its operation in a fair, ethical and professional manner which reflects 
excellence in every aspect of our existence.

المدينة الموقع الهواتف الخريطة
فرع جدة 6806 عبدالله بن نصير، حي الفيصلية، جدة 23444 4257، السعودية
فرع الخبر
فرع الدمام 6637 الامير فهد، الخبر الشمالية، الخبر 34429 3043، السعودية
فرع تبوك
فرع جدة
فرع الرياض
فرع النماص
فرع جدة 9090 المكرونة، حي العزيزية، جدة 23337 3962، السعودية
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