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Dr. Saad Al-Jamaan Group Lawyers and legal advisors is a legal group licensed to practice law by the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia License No. 31/178 We work, Dr. Saad Al-Jamaan group always and always to become the leading legal group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the service of its clients from countries The Gulf and all parts of the world, and we are determined to ensure that our legal and legal services are at the highest professional level by providing legal consultations to our customers, including the quality, value and achievement in a timely manner to ensure our customers a strong and sound start to their business.

We believe that the role of law firms goes beyond pleading in courts, and trying to obtain judgments and decisions, to include a commitment from the outset firm principles of dealing, its content is the honesty and transparency of the office and the contentment and conviction of the client, and regardless of the outcome as long as the subject was dealt with according to professional principles, this supports the necessity of familiarity Full of procedural aspects that we always think are no less important in any way than legal texts and their importance in relation to each case or case in the shortest way to reach the desired result.

Because of our belief in the importance of specialization, business is entrusted to a group of senior lawyers, legal advisors and law professors specializing in various legal fields and with the participation of a cadre of enthusiastic and highly experienced.

All our clients receive all care and respect, regardless of their social, cultural or scientific standing. We are pleased to communicate continuously to provide what they want and to start all their legal issues and defend them. We are also happy to accept their opinions and suggestions.

We believe that our capital is the trust of our customers, and this trust was built only on what was actually achieved in front of them and the results they found based on a solid foundation of honesty and transparency.
We cooperate with many law firms in various countries of the world, and we exchange with them various experiences, in various fields of specialization.

Our ambitions are broad and large, we derive from the desire for creativity, achievement, and excellence in our field of specialization, and expansion to publish this and inform about it, so that the insider, the academic researcher and the researcher of a solution to a specific legal problem benefit wherever that is at the local, regional or international level.

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