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من نحن

We honor the offer, your kind technical and professional definition of our consulting engineering office and the engineering office credits attached to government agencies and private bodies and the tasks and activities of our consulting office and projects and agreements and partnerships implemented by our consulting engineering office approved by the Saudi Council of Engineers No. 2889 as well as the Municipality of Jeddah Governorate No. ( 3000139136) who specializes in providing services (construction, civil engineering, architectural and hydraulic engineering consultancy, electromechanical and thermal engineering for projects, urban and regional planning engineering, surveying engineering, geological and hydrological engineering, and engineering safety systems) which we hope our engineering services will have your full satisfaction promising you to be at your expectation to reach the goals Drawn and required to be achieved by you with the lowest material costs and since we have our experience in all engineering fields thanks to God Almighty in many engineering fields

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