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Esnad Hotel Apartments is located in the Al Faisaliah neighborhood in Jeddah, and is a self-catering hotel with a refined design. The hotel is 5 km from Jeddah Mall and 6 km from Stars Avenue Mall, and for more shopping pleasure, it is near the Mall of Arabia, and the King Fahd Fountain is 8 km away, and easy access from the hotel to King Abdulaziz Airport. The hotel provides beautiful views of the rooms on the city skyline in the evening. Free parking is available on site. The Esnad Hotel Apartments does not have a restaurant, but it has a snack bar in addition to a café and a grocery store, which provides grocery delivery. The hotel has a simple and welcoming atmosphere. The beautiful apartments are furnished with comfortable and tidy furniture. The apartments include a seating and dining area in addition to a fully equipped kitchenette, and wireless internet access is available.
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she began to walk away from him
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the show will run from 10 to 2
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she demanded the keys from her husband
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