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Farraj Al-Aqla Group and its lawyers have gained extensive experience over 35 years of actual practicing law and arbitration with all judicial authorities of all degrees and types with a future vision for the legal profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enabled it to attract many experts, legal and legal researchers and researchers, which gained it a distinguished reputation and good reputation with Her clients and advisors at home and abroad and the formation of cooperation and partnership links with the most important local, regional and global law firms.

The group relies on working as an integrated group that aims to provide a distinguished service and accomplish the work that is entrusted to it in order to achieve the highest levels of perfection and satisfaction in performance and a belief that achieving the goal is not only limited to providing a legal and advisory service but rather mainly depends on building trust between the group and its clients through commitment to the concept Specialized group research before taking any action, continuous communication with clients, and serious follow-up to the best solutions that serve the interests of clients, and informing them of all the achievements made on their issues.

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