من نحن

The Four Points Company was established as a cargo and transportation company in 1979. A group of experts in the field from various countries of the world participated in the founding of the city of Jeddah in the spring of that year. This was a real beginning for the Kingdom's professional personal transport industry. In the midst of a few years, the company succeeded in becoming the trusted name for personal transportation to and from the Kingdom.
However, the march did not stop here and during the eighties when establishing the petrochemical and manufacturing industries in the Kingdom, the management of the four sides at that time developed the goods transport sector to integrated logistic services specialized for the petroleum and chemical industries.
The four sides were in their history and are still a name for trust in the map of the Arab world in the field of personal transport and logistics services.

المدينة الموقع الهواتف الخريطة
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