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Al-Jazirah Paints Company was established in 1979 in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as a small enterprise with great ambitions and aspirations. In a short time, the founders ’efforts, through their vision and dedication towards achieving balanced growth, resulted in laying the solid foundations for a leader in the paints industry in the GCC region and the Middle East. In this context, the company was able to take the lead in developing and producing high-quality creative paints, characterized by being environmentally responsible in addition to being designed to meet the requirements and needs of a wide range of customers, whether industrial, commercial or personal. The company's ability to produce high-quality products has grown to reach a production capacity of about 400,000 tons annually, from just 4,000 tons annually upon establishment.
Throughout the past years, Al Jazeera Paints Company has been enriching the national economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and interacting with the societies in which it is located. Their technical and technical capabilities through job training and attracting Saudi competencies.
Al-Jazirah Paints Company spares no effort in establishing partnerships with distinguished clients on the basis of taking responsibility and enhancing human resources and joining efforts to achieve the highest professional standards and sustainable development in the field of the paints industry. As a result, the company has covered various regions of the Kingdom and the countries to which its products are exported with more than 650 showrooms and a sale center, its locations have been carefully chosen to provide customers with easy access, and these halls have been provided with trained cadres working to provide assistance and assistance to customers in choosing a wide range of specialized and distinguished products To satisfy their different tastes.
Al-Jazirah Paints Company continues its career in discovering the endless potentials of the paints manufacturing technologies through its production units, and achieving the best value of its products with the aim of enriching human life and customer welfare.
The promise of Al-Jazirah Paints Company will remain steadfast and firm in terms of commitment to quality, objectivity and creativity in the manufacture of all its products, in addition to the methodology through which it works to achieve excellence and upgrade its capabilities to achieve the highest international standards.

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