• National Company for Mechanical Systems (NCMS)

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من نحن

The National Mechanical Systems Company is a limited liability company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2006 AD. The company was established to fill the gap between research and development and the manufacture of technically qualified products. The company's capabilities are based primarily on mechanical and electromechanical products, converting prototypes into a manufacturing and testing plan, and then proceeding with production. All of this is based first on localizing experiences in the relevant fields of design, manufacturing, analysis, and testing. The result is taking the hands of the company's clients to achieve their goals by presenting their ideas as a product in the local, regional, and global market. Therefore, the company seeks to possess all the capabilities and technologies necessary to provide our customers with technical and administrative support in the areas of design and production, in addition to increasing the company's share in the development and production of related systems at all levels.

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