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National Marketing Corporation Limited (Namat) is a subsidiary of the IKK Group of Companies which is one of the largest conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Namat is widely engaged in the supply of building materials since its establishment.

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Jeddah, the company has the elite reason to be the sole distributor of the "New Products Industries" (NEPROPLAST) plant. Today NEPROPLAST is one of the first leaders in the Gulf region, specializing in UPVC and CPVC pipes and fittings. The partnership between NAMAT and NEPROPLAST has been beneficial to the Kingdom and its neighboring countries.

While maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence in its fields, NAMAT has served its customers for 47 years and continues to do so. The main strength of NAMAT is its strong presence throughout the Kingdom. With 24 branches and 100 qualified sales engineers spread equally across the Kingdom, NAMAT has strengthened its presence intellectually according to the needs of the market.

At present, NAMAT represents many major contractors locally and internationally as one of the leading companies in the trade of pipes, plastic fittings, water network accessories, drainage systems, irrigation networks, well casings, polyethylene corrugated (PEC) channels, precision channels, electrical channels, food waste disposal and a wide range Among other products related to construction and plumbing.

To continue our leading position in the building materials services business. NAMAT is committed to providing a wide range of quality products to our local and regional clients. You will continue to search for and secure distribution rights to the latest high-quality products. We understand the needs of our customers and will work hard to provide them with the right products at the right time

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