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Established in the year 1980, basically as a major distributor of various building materials and construction chemicals, NOOR TRADING & CONTRACTING, is now a well-known and prominent name in the field of Concrete Coring, Cutting, Anchoring Techniques & Industrial Flooring Works along with Concrete repair works


The insisting and growing customer demand for an experienced and reliable applicator of specialty construction chemicals during the year of 1990 gave birth to the diversification of activities of the company from merely supplying the materials to ‘supply and apply’ guaranteed contract basis.


In line with these specialized services and backed by high-grade technical proficiency and engineering skills, we are ready to undertake complete responsibilities in the following fields:

·           Reinforced Concrete  Coring , diamond Saw , & Cable saw Cutting Systems

·           Remote Controlled Robot Demolition Works

·           Heavy-duty Anchoring Works

·           Structural Concrete Repairs

·           Industrial Flooring Systems

·           Water proofing , Injection Sealing

·           Steel shot blasting vacuum type ,

·           Surface preparation 

·           Tile Fixing

·           Mason & Civil Works

·           Concrete Repair Works

·           Post Tensioning Works

·           Heavy Lifting Works

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