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In light of the civilizational and economic renaissance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and under the banner of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince and their generous directives in various internal and external levels, it was obligatory for those with experience and affairs to keep pace with this development and this renaissance that touched various fields

As a legal services facility, we have assumed the responsibility of providing legal services to keep up with the latest scientific and technical foundations in line with our wise leadership directions.

Our office attracted a group of distinguished lawyers and legal advisors, specialists and specialists at the highest levels of efficiency, allowing our customers to develop full confidence in them and discussing opportunities for investment, import, export, commercial exchange and other legal and Sharia matters.

We look forward to earning your precious confidence by giving us the opportunity to present the fruits of our knowledge and experience in various local and international issues and laws through our broad and broad spectrum services that help you achieve your desired goals.

Under the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, its interest in the judiciary, the modernization of the judiciary in the Kingdom, the mention of judges and lawyers and their prominent role, and the stability of economic conditions and the attraction of foreign investments

We strive in the office of Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Hammadi to gain the confidence of our customers by providing a high level of accuracy, reliability and confidentiality and we set our own standards drawn from global standards in the rapidly changing worlds

We also put and make full use of the energies and capabilities of our scientific, legal and technical advisors and their scientific expertise in major companies and various issues and areas we put in customer service to achieve the highest possible level of service

Providing world-class legal services worthy of our customers and our reputation and characterized by accuracy, speed, reliability, fairness and integrity and to be pioneers in establishing local legal services standards with a sophisticated global spirit and providing comprehensive legal services with professionalism, confidence and credibility to obtain the satisfaction and approval of our customers

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