من نحن

The Othman Hamid Al-Ghamdi Group of Companies and Sons was established since 1973 by the late Sheikh Othman Hamid Al-Hasen Al-Ghamdi, under the name of the Othman Hamid Al-Ghamdi Foundation, where the company initially specialized in providing private civil security services. Starting from its main office in Dammam, and by relying on its various companies, Othman Al-Ghamdi Group of Companies was able to achieve multiple successes in the various business sectors to which it was heading and to have a strong presence at the Kingdom level. The group's subsidiaries are pioneering companies in several key sectors of the Kingdom's economy, and they also have a large presence in many markets in the Gulf region. Among the important goals of the group is to work on the continued development and expansion of these companies by strengthening and expanding the series of products and services, strengthening the basic base of its activities and increasing marketing activities in the region. The success and steady growth in international markets is one of the group's priorities and a strategic goal. The group has introduced the latest systems in information technology and management methods in order to develop the best products and services with a focus on customer service. Human resources in any successful company are the basis for this success. The group has attached importance to this aspect by providing training opportunities for its employees with continuous encouragement and periodic incentives, which has created a wonderful work environment that encourages employees to be creative.

المدينة الموقع الهواتف الخريطة
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