• Sakan Al-Arabiyah Co. Ltd. for Construction & Maintenance

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من نحن

Sakan Alarabiyah limited Company for construction and maintenance was established in 2000, corresponding to 1421 Hejri and since that date, and we are in an accelerated evolution making us a distinct name in the world of construction.

Sakan Alarabiyah limited Company for construction and maintenance Ltd. Occupy a unique place in the world of construction – thanks to harmony, trust and mutual comfortable treatment between us and our customers

We in the Department of consultancy, study and evaluate the demands of our customers and explain them to the various technicians and cadres of our workforce. We do our best to identify the requirements of different customers and find the best way to satisfy them and provide them with definite solutions. This made our relationship with our customers robust and are working to strengthen them always.

The level and quality of our services and the details in the project is the real basis and standards for our work and, in turn, is reflected in the rapid implementation of projects and mastering work with distinction in quality and performance. We are always working to create creative ideas and applied on a scientific basis taking into account the integration of services and attention to detail and precision implementation of the highest international standards and specifications in line with the requirements of our customers and tastes.

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