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Al-Qadi is one of the most famous stores that sell tents and trekking supplies in Riyadh, especially road trips that need overnighting in nature.

Among those tents is the famous Al-Bairaq tent, which is considered a patent of its own, which has many different shapes and sizes suitable for all purposes required of it, so you find a tent with side cloth, and other youth and shapes of spur and others, different in shape, specifications, size and price, and the prices of Al-Qadi tents vary The prices of Al-Bairaq tents start from 1675 riyals, depending on the type and size of each tent.

There are also other types, which are the judge’s tent, which differ in the quality and size of the material made from them, depending on the purpose of the trip, there are panorama cotton, cotton for the four seasons, sweet cotton, youth, winter and mosquito net, and their prices start from 145 riyals.

مفتوح يوميا من السبت للخميس فترة صباحية من الساعة 9 صباحا حتى 12 مساء، وفترة مسائية من الساعة 4 عصرا حتى 10 مساء، ماعدا الجمعة مغلق
المدينة الموقع الهواتف الخريطة
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