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The Creators Shadow Office is one of the best specialized offices in the field of contracting

In general, at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Creators Shadow office provides a variety of services in the field of contracting
Engineering designs, interior and exterior decoration, general contracting, engineering design services

1- Designing architectural projects with the latest engineering programs using the latest programs such as a program

Autocad and simulation of engineering graduation projects

2- Animated video design for engineering works of the highest quality

3- Create an engineering design for the metal buildings

4- Engineering consulting service in the field of residential and industrial societies

5- Providing the best architectural designs and exterior decoration

6- Restoring the architecture and historical structures

Creators Shade Office - For Modern Decoration

General Contracting

The Creators Shadow office carries out all contracting and architectural construction work

General contracting is one of our major specialties

That starts with buying and selling land that is suitable for construction

We also carry out all types of engineering designs (construction, building, installation, finishing, supply)

With the use of automatic control system and the best modern equipment

Creators Shade Office - For Modern Decoration

Interior and exterior decoration service

Our designs are characterized by simplicity and diversity, as they combine modern and classic designs

We have the most skilled engineers who

They have a sense of art and different tastes, with the experience necessary to implement the most difficult types of decorations.

We also rely on a method of combining different tastes and modern designs in order to gain the satisfaction of our valued customers

The Creative Shadow Office team works to develop the art of exterior and interior designs

For all types of structures by looking outside the box and understanding the dimensions of the place

Each of our designs has a set of key elements that contribute to creating the final design

We also implement projects of various decorations (villas - palaces - institutions - homes - companies).

The creative team's shadow office team works at full capacity to meet the demands of our valued customers

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