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The Facilities Marketing Company is the first Saudi company to own and operate a chain of retail fuel outlets and car service centers across the Kingdom.
The facilities were established in the Eastern Region in 1957 with the main objective of providing fuel and basic car services to major oil companies in a very promising growing area in the Kingdom.
Over the past fifty years, it has built its reputation and expertise facilities through qualified and highly trained personnel that have helped the company achieve its goals and create the company's sales programs. These include cash sales, credit sales, wholesale sales, and easy prepaid services.
By 1975, the administration had developed a strategic plan to increase the number of retail fuel outlets within the eastern region and throughout the kingdom. Now, Facilitate operates a chain of more than 250 fuel outlets and a car service center in 30 cities and on highways.
The facility was also a pioneer in the design and implementation of the easy smart card autofuel system, which allows corporate and cash customers to recharge their cards with fuel and other services for later use. Through an easy system; Customers can fuel at any time without the need for cash, track their fuel expenditures, and add other services such as oil change or car wash to card services.
The facilities designed its own composition in order to distinguish itself from the rest and establish itself; This depends on factors such as identity registration, director appearance, accessibility, lighting, product availability and quality service provision. These elements have helped us to establish the highest standards of service for motorists throughout the Kingdom.
Facilities maintains all required safety systems not only at the national level, but also at the international level. We maintain all requirements of the municipality and civil defense to the highest standards.
Due to our commitment to maintaining service standards, the facility has received numerous government tenders over its years, and it now serves a number of important government clients such as the security forces in the Eastern Province, along with the city, Tabuk, Al-Jawf, and Asir. In the private sector, it facilitates 4 Saudi Aramco locations in Dhahran, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq, Adailiya, and two Petro Rabigh locations in Rabigh.

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